Pipelines & Terminals

Our terminals and pipelines capabilities include the following: 


  • Tank truck loading racks and additions
  • Rail offloading and loading facilities
  • P&ID walk-downs
  • Vapor recovery units (VRUs) 
  • Filter and pump additions
  • Additive injection systems and retrofits
  • Ratio and sequence blending
  • Firewater and foam protection systems
  • Buildings, roads, yard paving and containment
  • Relocating underground piping aboveground (day-lighting)
  • Right-of-way and street crossings
  • Aboveground and underground storage tanks
  • Instrumentation and automation (DCS/PLC/SCADA)
  • In-line blending analyzers
  • Tank service changes
  • Utilities and sewer systems
  • Terminal security


  • Anomaly excavations and repairs
  • Welded sleeve installations
  • Recoating pipelines 
  • Wrapping pipelines
  • Line replacements and relocations
  • Hydro-testing
  • Casing repairs 
  • Pump stations 
  • Valve actuators and MOVs
  • Right-of-way and street crossings
  • Pole line work
  • DCS, PLC and SCADA design, installation and maintenance
  • Abandonment and demolition
  • Line locating and line riders
  • Clock spring repairs