oil field safety


Brinderson employs a rigorous safety management process based on the premise that nobody gets hurt and every incident is preventable.  Safety is the responsibility of every employee. Our corporate directive is to not perform any operation which may be deemed unsafe to one’s self, coworkers or property. All levels of management are responsible for providing the resources necessary to maintain a safe and healthful working environment, establishing policy that is consistent with the best industry standards and ensuring that policy is implemented at all Brinderson project locations.

Supervisors are responsible for implementing Brinderson's safety policy and for ensuring that day-to-day activities are conducted in a safe and healthful manner. All employees are responsible for strict compliance with these safety rules and regulations and for performing their tasks in such a manner as to not endanger themselves, other employees or the general public.

Through our safety process, Brinderson has achieved world class safety performance for well over a decade. 

The strength of any company is built upon the collective wisdom and talents of its people. Brinderson will continue to grow and prosper as an organization because we realize that our most important asset is our people. Therefore, the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses will be given precedence over every operating decision whenever and wherever necessary. It is the policy and commitment of Brinderson to provide and maintain a safe and healthful work environment which will safeguard all employees and result in a more effective and efficient operation.

Brinderson is committed to safety and to creating the type of work environment that delivers on our promise that our people are truly our most important asset.